Monday, August 5, 2019

Hi Friends

It's been a while since I have been posting regularly, the truth is I have been working hard behind the scenes, for a few different projects. I haven't even been able to send out an email to the subscribers, which will be changing this week!

August the 15th will be Granny Square Day, and I will be posting a new pattern for you! If you can't wait til then, one of my behind the scenes tasks was to revamp the granny heart square, which is still free on the Mollie Makes Blog, but also available as a paid PDF for those who would like their own permanent copy - you can find all the links on the Ravlery Pattern Page Here.

In the meantime - I have been blogging over at for Yarnish's 'What's on the Blog' and have a rainbow blanket in seven parts. Currently parts 1 to 3 are out, and Part 4 is due any day- I'd love you to check it out. It's called the Cicibebe Rainbow Blanket, but it's going to be shortened to the Fruit Cup Fade!

Find Part 1 here

Just a quick update today, so thanks for reading! 


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