Monday, March 27, 2017

Maker Mondays- with Shelley from Spincushions.

Welcome to this week's instalment of the blog series -

Today's Maker is Shelley Husband from Spincushions. I have followed Shelley for a long time on social media, and delighted when she agreed to an interview!

Please introduce yourself, and tell us what you create?


Hi. I'm Shelley and I design crochet patterns.  My patterns are interesting and fun to do, gently challenging and encouraging you to create things you never thought you could.  My main love is designing crochet squares to make into blankets, cushions, scarves etc.  

How long have you been creating?

Oh I've always been crafty.  You name it, I've probably done it.  Paper making, candles, jewellery, embroidery of all kinds, hand sewn felt pincushions (that's where my name Spincushions came from), knitting etc

Do you start with ideas or materials?

Both. Sometimes I have a yarn or theme I need to work to, so I go from there. Like my Narrawong pattern; where I needed a pattern inspired by where I live for a local project.  Other times, I come up with ideas I just want to try, usually while crocheting other things.  Then there's my favourite time - blank notebook, fresh yarn and time to just play.  I love the designs that come from no restrictions, as I can be really creative and break the rules.

How relevant is social media to you?

Fairly I guess.  I never really got into any of the social media platforms until Instagram came along.  That one just made sense and was easy. In the beginning, I was just sharing bits and pieces of my life as well as my pincushions at the time. It has evolved over time and is a lot different from the beginning with algorithms etc.  These days I am more mindful of what I post.  I go through phases where I will post to a plan and others where I just post what I'm doing with no real plan.  I cringe if I see my early early posts (ha ha!)  So many filters!  

Anything else to add? 

Do what you love and try not to play the comparison game. What you assume you see is most often not the reality.  What you define as success, will be quite different to many others so follow what makes you feel good and fulfilled and the rest will come.  

You can find Shelley, and more info about the Narrawong project here :
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