Monday, April 17, 2017

Maker Mondays with Mikaela Bates from Vivid Kreations

Time for the next Maker Monday! Settle in, while we take a look at the face behind Vivid Kreations, Micaela Bates

Please introduce yourself, and tell us what you create?

Hi, I’m Mikaela from Vivid Kreations. I live in Ipswich, Queensland in Australia, though I am originally from Echuca, Victoria. 
I was (am) a secondary English and Italian teacher but I am currently lucky enough to be at home with my adorable 5 year old son. My partner and I run our own mobile detailing business and I have started my own business, Vivid Kreations. 

I love many different creative art forms though my biggest passion is crochet. I love to design items that are suitable for the warmer Queensland weather but still have a measure of comfort and cosiness, as well as beautiful items for the home. 


How long have you been crocheting and designing?

I discovered crochet just after moving to Queensland in 2013 and I was off down the rabbit hole, learning everything I could and thinking about crochet all the time!
My first design came the following year when I was looking for a summer friendly Santa hat pattern and couldn’t find one- and so the Slouchy Summer Santa hat was born. 

I haven’t really stopped designing since but I only started publishing my patterns last year. 

Do you start with ideas or materials?

I generally start with an idea. I have notebooks full of ideas all over the place! I have just started to organise them into my bullet journal so I can find them again and get more patterns written up to share.

Sometimes I am inspired by a particular yarn that’s just shouting to be something specific but usually an idea will come to me from a need (most often wishing for a lighter weight version of something so I can actually wear it!), an interesting stitch pattern or from something I’ve seen.

How relevant is social media to you?

Social media is definitely important for me in a few different ways. 
Number one is connecting with other makers. I am constantly inspired by the amazing things other people have made, which energises me and keeps me excited about my craft. 
Two, it’s perfect for sharing what I’m doing and to help me learn from other people who share their tips and tricks. 

Three, it’s a great way to get my designs out into the world in a way that feels friendly and not pushy.

Anything else to add? 

I believe that creativity is an important part of life. It’s enjoyable, satisfying (even when it’s challenging) and engages our minds in a way that motivates us and promotes learning. 
As a teacher I approach pattern writing like I would creating learning materials for my students and I try to make my patterns as accessible as possible. I want anyone who follows my patterns to be able to achieve success and feel proud of what they have created and capable of trying the next thing that comes along. 
I am also starting a blog to share my creative journey: my crochet and other creative projects; my love of colour in the world around us; and exploring what creativity means and how it is beneficial for all of us.




If you would like to be a 'Monday Maker' email me a [email protected]

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