Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sock Blanks

Sock Blanks - something I've been interested in exploring for a while now. I recently acquired a knitting machine, and realised I could make my own from scratch! 

Well, I'm not spinning my own yarn.. yet.. so I got a couple of skeins of undyed sock yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

Hold up! But what are sock blanks? Sock Blanks are flat sheets of stockinette stitch, that can be dyed in many different ways, and then re knit into socks. They aren't limited to socks though - or just knitting. Have a look at Wamberal Waves - a crochet shawl pattern of mine that uses sock yarn that I dyed at home; not with sock blanks - but it certainly could be.

Sock blanks can be purchased, undyed, like these from Knit Picks and even pre dyed. Have a look at this dyed blank from Sweet Georgia Yarns  to see an example of a beautifully dyed gradient.

Dying a gradient, or self striping yarns at home can be tricky for a DIYer, so working from a flat piece of fabric can make things so much easier.

Now, the truth is, you don't need to machine knit to make the blanks, and you don't even need to knit. In my research I found a lot of crocheted blanks too.

So, back to my sock blanks! First, I have to wind them into cakes, then they are ready for the knitting machine. 

I'm still learning the ins and out of my machine. It's a Brother KX-350. 
I'm doing 46 sts and T-10 - with waste yarn on both ends... and done! There are just over 260 rows., so it's a long thin piece. 

So there you have my finished blanks. The dyeing will be for another blog post - becuase I haven't really decided what I'm doing just yet!  If you'd like to read more; I enjoyed this article by Louise Tilbrook

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