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Monday, September 28, 2020

Two new Patterns - Rose Sisters

 This month I released some new patterns.. and totally spaced on sharing them here!

First up is the Rosebud Wrap - This one is designed to showcase your favourite gradient yarn.

Link to Ravelry 

I've used a Stenli Muffin - a yarn from Bulgaria! This is a huge 2000 m thread cake, which means it's made of three threads held together - not plied - and the colour changes happen as one thread at a time is changed over. 

I've also included a chart with the fully written pattern (US terms). 

Rosebud is named after the little clusters within the design, and also as a sister piece to go along with the Primrose Wrap

Which is the second release!

Primrose is a re - release,updated to include a chart, and written in US terms. Primrose is also still 'under contract' through Bendigo Woollen Mills, and they are selling the UK version - via their own website and on Ravelry. I will be selling mine via Etsy and Lovecrafts. 

Primrose was one of my first patterns I wrote! This one uses 2 colours in 4ply cotton - I've used Bendigo Cotton in 'Primrose' - where the name came from! and 'Snow'. Sadly the Primrose colour has been discontinued. 

Link to Etsy

Link to Lovecrafts

If you get a chance to make one - please let me know via social media. And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter - that way you don't wait to hear about new releases! You can do that by clicking here

Thanks for reading and Happy Crocheting


Thursday, May 14, 2020

Soft as a Cloud - new pattern.

Last week (to coincide with May's Newsletter) a new pattern was released!

This one  was pretty fun to make - not to mention is was a quick one!

I was inspired by all the rainbow projects I've been seeing online, many a response to the global pandemic we are currently experiencing. If you'd like to see some of them - have a look at my previous rainbow round up - Rainbow Connections 

The cloud uses 'Sweetheart Soft' by Scheepjes. This happened to be in my stash along with av royal blue, so it also served as part of my ongoing 'use what you have on hand' mindset. A similar fluffy yarn could be substituted, and although it's hard to see the stitches, I could feel them fairly easily. 

Just quietly - how good would it look with the Fruit Cup fade! Due to the pandemic, I don't have access to the blanket at the moment to get a photo together - so I'll have to work on that later. 

Thanks again for reading! I hope you are all safe and well.


Friday, February 14, 2020

Free Printable Gift Tags

Something I've wanted to do for ages is make some crochet and craft themed printables and digital products.

A printable is something you can download, and print off at home. My first printable is a set of gift tags, that can be added to any handmade item, pictured below.

The PDF contains a sheet of 10 gift tags, with a punch hole marked so they can be easily threaded onto a ribbon. You can print them on any paper, but a card stock would look great! The back is blank for a personal message. The page set as a A4 document.

The link below will open a new window to the file, where you can preview before downloading, or even print directly

Like what you see?

Need even more convincing?

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Happy Crocheting, and Happy Valentine's Day!


Thursday, January 30, 2020

Perks of Being a Newsletter Subscriber

You might have seen me advertise that I have a newsletter!

I thought I should take some time to let you know why you should subscribe.

Some of these perks are new for 2020, so if you are already a subscriber and thinking 'I didn't see that one.' don't panic! If you have signed up and don't get emails - check they haven't been sent to 'junk' or 'other' folder

Newsletters are sent once a month- This year they will be sent on or around the 3rd of each month.

Everyone who subscribes gets a free pattern! This pattern changes from time to time - currently, you get the thirtyseven cowl!

This one is brand new - New pattern releases will have a 25% off voucher. I usually have an 'opening week' offer and try to mix it up, but for the next 12 months, every new and self-published pattern will get the same discount *for newsletter subscribers* A smaller discount will be offered (15%) to social media followers. This offer will not be applied to any fundraising patterns, however.

Why not have this on the blog? Well the main reason is that blog posts stay up for months - and sometimes I get messages from people who have discovered a discount that is months or even years out of date. Keeping this info in a newsletter means it stays relevant.

Where do I sign up?

Remember to check the box that says 'email' My newsletter is strictly opt in! Your information will never be used for anything other than receiving my email, in accordance with the GDPR. You can unsubscribe at any time.

EDIT - From March, subscribers are also gifted a free smartphone wallpaper!

Thanks again!

Happy Crocheting,