Saturday, September 1, 2018

Here Comes September!

Hello! It's officially Spring in the Southern Hemisphere!

What's Happening? Well, on the 6th of September I have a new pattern release - Wamberal Waves. A lightweight scarf, inspired by the ocean, and named after the beach I was married at. 6th of September also happens to be my wedding anniversary, so it's a special release. either way, if you are heading into Spring or Autumn, you will find this the perfect scarf for the season. It will be a good time to subscribe to my newsletter, if you haven't already!  I'll have more details about this pattern once it has been published.

Last month saw the release of a ribbon yarn bag; simply called Textured Bag and an infinity scarf - Druzy Infinity, which are linked in the text. And the Berrilee Square, which I wrote about last post. This will be a free download until the end of September, and then something special will be happening with it!

I love seeing your projects, so if you do make something from one of my patterns, please share on Instagram, or add a project to Ravelry!

I'm gearing up for some Summer Crochet (think light, airy cotton) as well as some Christmas ornaments, that can be used no matter what the weather will be!


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