Monday, January 28, 2019


I've been slowly updating the blog in small ways this month.

I'm hoping that it is more accessible to those who struggle reading on a screen, by changing the background to white, and a font change. If it causes any issues, this is something I would love to know about.

I have added a few links in the bar at the top of the blog, and some of those are works in progress. There are a couple of ways to help support the blog - which you can find in the 'support me' section. Some are free, like sharing a free pattern online, or  signing up as a pattern tester, but a couple of ways to support by making a purchase.

I'll have a free pattern available in early February, right here on the blog, and currently have a Valentine's day special running on the Hug cushion (pictured above) You can grab the pattern, no code necessary, by clicking here

If you would like to get the pattern AND all the yarn to make it, you can on LoveCrochet. Two of the colours have been discontinued, but I have added substitutes.

Thanks again for reading and your continued support!


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