Friday, March 22, 2019

Keeping track of projects - Ravelry tip

A question I see often in Facebook groups is 'How do you keep track of projects?' Sometimes it's just a case of someone picking up a project that's been packed away for a while and forgetting the hook size.

I use Instagram partially as a visual journal. I almost always include a hook in my photos of wips (work in progress) and that's for exactly that reason! I can scroll back and see which hook I used.

I can also use the hashtag #Ravelry and it will automatically link to my account so I can start a project page there. There are many uses of Ravelry, and I will admit I am still learning them all. By using the hashtag, I will get a message in my inbox to ask if I want to add the photo to a project, or start a new one. If you would like to link your Instagram account to Ravelry, and be able to keep track of your information check out this blog post on Ravelry

I have included a screen shot of my projects page on Ravelry. The yellow circle is my inbox - which is where a notification will be if I use the Instagram hashtag.

In red, I have circled which tab in Ravelry you need to click on 'my notebook' and then projects. If you haven't used Instagram to import a photo, you can click  the 'add project' button and begin from there. You don't need to add a photo for a project, but I do feel like so much information can be included visually.

It doesn't take much to link things, and I prefer using this feature of Ravelry than a notebook, because it's available to me online or via my phone (yes, I do require internet access) rather than one location that could be forgotten.

Adding projects also has the added bonus of adding to the database - Ravelry's primary function.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping track of projects?

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  1. Thanks for the #Ravelry tip - I never knew about that! I’ve only recently discovered Projects ln Ravelry, and find that helpful. After a few epic fails, forgetting what I was doing on a wip that had been placed in the naughty corner, I brought a notebook specifically for my projects - always incl note: info, hook, notions, recipient.