Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stash Busting Blanket - Part 1

I've got a stash busting project planned for while I'm in lockdown. Something to use up the stash you already have at home!

The first step will be to work out what yarn weight and fibre you have in most abundance. For me, it will be 8 ply Acrylic. If I mix in a little wool/acrylic blend, it won't be the end of the world, but that's up to you to decide! Spend as much time on this step as you need.

Another idea is to create a memory blanket- use up leftover yarn from old projects. It helps if you have 20g left, but it wouldn't matter if you had less. You would end up with irregular-shaped blocks, but that could add to the beauty! I would still recommend sticking to the same yarn weight. 

Make sure you use the appropriate size hook for the yarn weight you are using. For a blanket, I like to go up a size from what's recommended on the yarn label for better drape.

For this blanket, you will need to know only basic crochet stitches - chain and half double crochet - worked in the back loop (half treble if you prefer UK terms) But you will also need to know how to decrease (crochet two stitches together) and increase (crochet two stitches in one)

Today's post is on how to start the blanket - updates will be posted for the next steps.

Below is a sketch of how the blocks will eventually look. You can use this blank image to arrange colours if you don't want to be random. I've included a coloured version below based on the yarn colours I'm going to use - but will probably deviate slightly!

Let's get started.

Make a Chain of 44

R1: sk 2ch, 42 hdc across, turn (42 hdc)
R2: ch2, BLOhdc2tog, 39 BLOhdc, (2 BLOhdc) in last st,  turn. (42 BLOhdc)
R3: ch2, (2 BLOhdc) in 1st st, 39 BLOhdc,  BLOhdc2tog, turn (42 BLOhdc)

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for a total of 15 rows.
Change colour and repeat rows 2 and 3.

this first strip should be worked the desired length of your blanket, and then make as many strips as you need for the width - more on this to come later. 

If you are using up scraps, you will have a very colourful stripey blanket. If you are using up balls of yarn, you will have a blocky blanket! The great thing is that we will all have unique blankets. 

I'll be updating this post - so bookmark it to find it later!

Update 30th March

I've completed 3 colour blocks of 15 rows, and have begun a second strip.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to bookmark for the updates!

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