Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Crochet Patterns for Sellers - My Terms of Use Explained

From time to time, the discussion of what people can and can't do with a pattern. I thought I'd spell out my terms of use, I have recently had people ask if they could sell things made from my patterns, and the answer is YES!

If you are a crochet seller - whether that be on an online store like Etsy or Madeit, or you do craft shows, I welcome to selling of finished products.

Most of my patterns come with this disclaimer -

No restrictions are placed on finished items made with this pattern, however the pattern may not be resold or copied in any form. Pictures remain the property of Emma Wilkinson Designs
What does this mean?

It means that once you have made an item with one of my patterns, then it's yours to do so as you please! I don't think it's my place to place any restrictions on your crochet. You can make an item and

✔️Sell it
✔️Donate it
✔️Auction it
✔️Give it away
✔️Keep and Love Forever

I love the idea that someone is making any of my things and making money for themselves or charity! One of my testers for Kirra Koala has raised more than $300, and I think that's amazing!

You can also share the links! Read this blog post for a bit more info on link sharing.

What can't you do? You can't make copies and redistribute. You can't copy and rewrite a pattern of mine and claim it as your own, and that includes the photos. Photos can be shared in the instance of sharing the pattern link.

Do you sell your finished crochet items? Please let me know what you sell!

Thanks for reading!



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