Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial

A quick tutorial for today - Magic Ring.

This is my preferred method for anything starting in the round - which includes amigurumi/toys, granny squares and top down beanies. The magic ring has the advantage that it pulls tight to close the hole - whereas a joined chain is a fixed size. 

I first wrote a tutorial in 2013 - which is still available as a PDF on Etsy. If you'd like to own a copy, you can click this link to buy it. 

There are four simple steps:

1- Wrap the yarn three times around two fingers - keeping the working end closest to your hand, and the tail at your fingertips

2- Insert hook under two loops, from fingertips, toward hand.

3- Pick up third loop under the two loops. 

4 - Make a chain, and remove from fingers.

The pattern will dictate what to do next - if you are working double crochet stitches into the ring, and need to chain 3, the chain already made counts as one of the chains. If you are working amigurumi, single crochet directly into the ring.

Once you have finished your first row, secure the ring by slowly and  gently pulling the tail, to ensure both loops tighten together. 

As I said, just a quick tutorial today- but one I will be referencing back to


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