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Saturday, July 18, 2020

the Pattern Shop

OK, I'm re writing this post, because I'm not exactly sure what what I'm doing right now.

Currently my patterns are for sale on Ravelry, LoveCrafts and some on Etsy. While I am a big fan of Ravelry, I can't ignore the fact that their new updates have made the site inaccessible to many. So while I will keep patterns there for those who still prefer their platform, I'm also investigating Payhip and Ribblr as new venues. 

If you click on the pattern shop button you will now be taken to a list of venues for you to choose from. If  pattern is unavailable on a particular platform, please let me know - it takes time to upload to all! 

Happy Crocheting,


Sunday, May 31, 2020

Crochet Patterns for Sellers - Pattern Round Up

Two blog posts ago, I talked about how you can sell anything you make from one of my patterns, I'm not really a unique designer in this respect - many designers love it when you do too!
Which leads me to a new blog series - Crochet Patterns for Sellers - Part 2.

Today I've collected a selection of patterns that are great craft show sellers! Even though craft shows may currently be postponed - now is a good time to get your stock levels ready for when craft shows start up again. These patterns are fast to make, and make great gifts,

The wildflower necklace can be found free on this blog post.

Another beautiful necklace option is the Triple Strand Necklace

Spa sets also do very well - and I have two ideas for you.

Helen from Sunflower Cottage crochet has this great set

Mari - one of the Yarnish Design Team has the Getaway Spa Set.

I have a couple of washcloth patterns on this blog too! 

Something you could add to a spa set - a Chapstick holder!

Like this one from Jen Hayes Creations

Don't forget your coffee lovers with classic market makes like:

I hope this list has you inspired! My next list will continue the theme of market makes, but with a Christmas theme - as it's always a good time to get Christmas stock organised.