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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Zipper Join - joining crochet motifs

Today I am showing you how I will join the Nebula Squares I made. (Find the pattern here.)

I am using the Zipper Join method, which is my favourite join.

I like this join because it makes a feature of the join, but It can be a bit fiddly. If you prefer a seamless join, or something quicker, then maybe this is not the join for you.

I have used a contrasting colour to show the join, but it is not what I will be using on the final blanket.

The Zipper join works into the back loops of both squares, and this first picture shows the back loops.

The second picture shows the direction the hook will go: front to back on first loop, the front to back on second. Right side of both squares are facing you.

Starting at the corner chain, place hook as just described; through front to back of both loops and pull up a loop. Keep your yarn at the back of the work.

Place hook through next two back loops, and pull a loop through all three loops on hook.

This is the same method as surface crochet, but with two pieces of fabric, rather than one.

Continue into each loop pair

If you have planned out your blanket layout, you can continue to join squares along the vertical axis, and then the horizontal, so joining can be done without cutting the yarn!

I hope you enjoy this join as much as I do! 

Happy Crocheting,