Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fairy Bread Day - And pattern!

It's Fairy Bread Day! (almost- I'm posting a little early!) November the 24th. Fairy Bread has been a childhood favourite of Australians since the 1920s. It has had a recent surge in interest, due to other countries discovering this fun, yet simple delicacy!

To celebrate, I've written a pattern to make a playtime version, and it's available in both US and UK terms. The pattern is available to purchase on Etsy, >>CLICK HERE<< and will be available on Ravelry asap. . It's also the first pattern of my 'Australiana Series' Which will be popping up in 2017

Interested in making your own edible Fairy Bread? You will need:

White Bread
Butter or Margerine
Sprinkles or 100s and 1000s

Spread butter on bread and top with sprinkles! Fairy Bread is usually cut and served in triangles. However for my 7th birthday, my creative mother spelt out 'Happy Birthday Emma' in Fairy Bread.


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