Wednesday, May 16, 2018

GDPR email compliance

This might be a bit of a boring blog post, but it applies to anyone on my email list, you have been sent out an email to re confirm that you would like to keep receiving emails!

I really hope that you choose to keep receiving them!

The short answer is that new privacy laws in Europe require that anyone who collects data (your name and email are included) have to be specific with what they do with it. This is a very short answer, and I suggest you read up on it if you are interested in the long answer!

I have always stated that anyone who signs up can trust that I will never use their information for anything other than the monthly email, and this remains the same. It is just now more official.

But I'm not in Europe, and neither are you?
Well, Australia does compete in Eurovision.. we came second in 2016! Ok, but seriously I do have to comply as I have customers and email recipients in Europe. It is much easier this way, and a good way for you to review the contents of your email inbox. If you are no longer interested, I won't be upset!

If you want to sign up - click this link >> Sign Up <<

You can find my full Privacy Policy here

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