Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Yarn Review - 'Lionbrand' Mandala

 I've been using Lionbrand Mandala and a rebranded version for some time now, (although I've kind of stuck to one colourway) and I'd like to kick off a new series of yarn reviews with it

This post contains some affiliate links, opinions are my own.

Lionbrand Mandala is a large 'cake' yarn - 540m/590 yards, 150g/5.3 oz - this cake is bigger than your standard ball of yarn - You'll be able to make a lot from one ball.

 Mandalas are 100% acrylic, although you'll find some variations available. They are a weight 3 (light) which is usually referred to as an 8ply in Australia. It's a soft acrylic, that I've found to be very versatile. Blankets, clothing, toys - I've had great results for everything. 

Mandalas change colours throughout the cake - usually only repeated once in each cake - these colour changes can be abrupt, depending on the colour - For example, a pink to purple may fade into each other, but then change to white. The colours work well together, so if you've found yourself struggling with colour selection, a mandala may take out some of the pain for you! I have cut and restarted when I found a colour change too distracting, but for the most part, I just let them flow. 

Even though I've stuck to Nymph colourway - there is a wide range of colours and combinations.

My small Cupcake Tunic was made in Lionbrand Mandala in 'Wood Nymph'
Pattern available at Yarnish.com.au

I got two Cupcake tunics out of one cake - as you can see, this second one got more of the pink in it! 

Remember when I said I've stuck to one colourway! Well, it's true - I also used wood nymph to make the Sunset Poncho (available at Ravelry and LoveCrafts)  In the background are some other mandala creations! 

Overall, I've great results using Mandalas, I've found them to be affordable, the extra length gives you bang for your buck, as well as being soft, easy to use, and easy to follow the care instructions.

I hope you enjoy my yarn review!

Happy Crocheting,


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