Monday, August 2, 2021

Joshua Bonnet - free pattern - Pixie Bonnet

I first designed the Joshua Bonnet for my newborn son - Joshua! I love the look of bonnets on babies and wanted something that could be equally lovely for girls and boys. Joshua and the Joshua Bonnet are now over five years old, so time for a refresh of the pattern!

The pixie bonnet features some detailing along the front to frame the face.

Sizes: Newborn (Head circumference) 14 inches/35.5cm (3-6 month 16 inches/40.5 cm, 6-9 month 18/46 cm, 9-12 month 19 inches/ 48 cm, 2-5 years 20 inches/ 51 cm, 5-8 years 22 inches/ 56 cm.)

Yarn: 8ply/DK weight, 100g/3.53oz (283 m/309 yards) 52 m/56 yards (MC), 26m/23 yards A and B
Hook: US I (5.50mm) and US G (4.0mm)
Notions: Scissors, Yarn needle.
Gauge: 12 sts and 8 rows = 4" (10 cm) in hdc. 

Abbreviations: (US terms used) 

ch = chain

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

st(s) = stitch(es)

sl st = slip stitch

rep = repeat 

Pattern Notes: Turning chains do not count as a stitch.

The hat is worked flat in rows, and seamed along the back.

Using MC and 5.5 mm hook:

Chain 39. (41, 48, 51, 54, 59)

Row 1: Skip 1st ch, 38 (40, 47, 50, 53, 58) sc, turn.

Row 2: Ch 2, 38 (40, 47, 50, 53, 58) hdc, fasten off, turn.

Row 3: Using A, ch 1, 38 (40, 47, 50, 53, 58) sc, fasten off, turn.

Rows 4 - 8: Alternate rows 2 and 3

Rows 9 - 19 (20, 22, 24, 26, 28): in MC, As Row 2

Fasten off and weave in ends. 

Surface Crochet:

Using B and 4.0mm hook, RS facing out, surface slip stitch along Row 4, and repeat on Row 6.
Repeat with MC along the foundation chain.


Insert hook through space between first two stitches, front to back; keeping working yarn on
WS. Pull up a loop, insert hook into next sp (between stitches) pull up loop through space, and loop on
hook (one loop remains on hook). Continue to final st, cut or break yarn, bring remaining yarn through loop, and back to WS to secure the final loop.

Weave in ends.


Fold bonnet in half lengthways, so point a meets point b (above image) with WS together seam this edge together using your preferred joining method. This seam will be the back of the bonnet. Fasten off and weave in ends. 

Chin Tie:

Chin tie is worked in a continuous piece without cutting the yarn. Starting with one tie, then continuing around the base of the bonnet (back of the neck), and then continuing with the second tie.

Using MC, and 5.5 mm hook

Ch: 25 (29, 33, 37, 41, 46)

Skip 1st ch, sc across. Join to the left front corner of the bonnet with a sl st, sc across base of the bonnet, working one sc into the side of each row. Ch: 25 (29, 33, 37, 41, 46) Skip 1st ch, sc across, sl st to the bonnet.

Fasten off and weave in ends. 

 Happy Crocheting!

Let me know in the comments if you would like a tutorial on surface crochet, or on something else that's come up in the pattern.

Emma xx

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