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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Introducing ... Kirra the Koala

Last week Kirra Koala was released as a new pattern. I only started working on her on New Year's Eve, and once she was finished, it seemed a shame not to write the pattern.

The last few months have been devastating for the koala population in Australia, due to the terrible bush fires you have no doubt heard about. Straight away I knew that proceeds from the pattern should go to help.

I quickly assembled some pattern testers. Sara has tested for me before, and is also involved as a rescue carer herself. She and Emma (another koala carer) pointed me in the direction of the Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital (AREPH) as well as WIRES as two worthy charities. Ruben, the Koala has had medical treatment from the AREPH, and is currently undergoing care. 

$2.00 from every pattern sold this January will be split between the two charities, which will be donated at the end of the month. I will continue to donate sales from the pattern each month, and if the charity or amount changes, I will be fully transparent about that. 

If you would like to donate directly to each of those charities you an do so here:

Since releasing the pattern, Sara has auctioned off her Kirra that she made, and has so far raised $200! Amazing effort!  

Kirra Koala is made using 100% Australian Merino wool from Nundle woollen mills, which keeps much needed funds in our rural communities.
Other supplies needed: 12 mm saftey eyes, 2.5 mm crochet hook, stuffing, yarn needle, small amount of black yarn (dk or similar)
Thank you for reading, and I hope you are able to help! 


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year Resolutions

I really enjoy the time spent reflecting around the new year. I wasn't sure I was going to set any goals or resolutions this year, but it seems I just needed a little more time.

I have a professional goal; which for the time being, is going to be kept secret. I have a personal crochet goal that this year I will be more charitable. Making things to be donated, or donating yarn.

I have come across a program that is after 8 inch squares in cotton, for Australian farmers.
You can find the original post on instagram:

I happen to have a pattern to make 8 inch squares back from 2016. Big Circle Grannies. It needed a couple of tweaks, but perfect for this appeal. You can find the pattern here

Have you got any regular charities you crochet for, or do you like to be spontaneous?