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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

And, that's a Wrap! Friendship CAL Links

 If you've been following along with the Friendship Blanket CAL, you'll know that 28 crochet designers from all over the world, put together 41 different squares to be 'pick and mixed' to make unique blankets. 41 allows for some spares, in case there is a square that doesn't quite grab you. 

Today's post is a lot of information that has been previously made public, but I wanted to put all the links here, in one post, for convenience.  

The CAL is hosted by Sunflower Crochet Cottage, and you can see their original blog post, which contains links to ALL the patterns here, If you are unsure what a CAL is, this post also explains it all! 

You can also find the Zig Zag slip stitch method to join the squares as a photo and video tutorial here. This is just one option, of course, if you have a favourite joining method, you can use that! 

I'm also going to be keeping my list of all the squares up, and you can find them here. At this point, I still need to catch up with the last few squares! 

Helen, from Sunflower Crochet Cottage, has also included a border option, and that can be found here. This is also a photo and video tutorial. 

During the Crochet A Long, I was also interviewed by Helen, and you can find 'Hooking with Emma Wilkinson' here! 

And finally, if you do want the option of purchasing all squares in one go, there is a bundle available (affiliate link)

I really hope you have enjoyed participating in this CAL, or maybe you are just starting out! The choice is yours in how many squares you make!

Happy Crocheting - Emma!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

The Friendship Blanket CAL

This post contains affiliate links 

The Friendship Blanket CAL is the brainchild of Helen from Sunflower Cottage Crochet. 25 designers have teamed up to bring you 41 squares! Each square will be 9 inches, uses worsted weight yarn, and can be assembled to make a blanket. Pick and Mix which squares you want to make! The running theme is texture - and friendship!

What yarn to use?

The patterns are written for Worsted/Aran Weight yarn- some suggestions are:

Paintbox Simply Aran  100% Acrylic, 100g/3.5 oz - 60 colours to choose from!

Yarn and Colours Epic - 100% cotton, 50g -101 shades of pure cotton!

What am I using?

I'm using a yarn found at the Australian chain 'Spotlight' called

Spot Saver USA style (200 g/100% acrylic) 

I'll be using pumpkin (pictured) Peacock and Grey. 

How to join in?

I'll be updating this post every few days to update the new square releases, you can also follow Sunflower Cottage- the host of the CAL

Helen's Square kicks things off - you can find the pattern of the first square: the Friendship Square, here on the Sunflower Crochet Blog. 

If you'd like to read Helen's original post, that kick's off the CAL - click here.

All squares will remain free for the duration of the CAL. 

You can use the tag #Friendshipblanket21 to see what others are posting on social media.

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to join in, but you'll have to wait to see my square! 

And, for those who just can't wait - there is the option of purchasing the entire CAL right now. You can click this link for the bundle (affiliate link)

Click on the photos below to be taken to each individual pattern. I will be updating the post to add all 41 squares! This post will remain once the crochet along has finished, as a way to find all the squares. I won't have any control over links that are no longer valid, 

Post Update: April 2th April 2021 - All the patterns are live - I just need to catch up on linking them all properly in this post. 

I've also written a follow-up post, with links to everything I think you'll need. 

Square 1: Friendship Square

Square 2: Pretty Petals

Square 3: Lauren

Square 3: Rambling Roses

Square 4: 

Square 5: Illusion Square

Square 6: Diamond Bliss

Square 7: Omatra Square

Square 8: Raised Diamonds

Square 9: Ara Square

Square 10: Argyll Square

Square 11: The Kindred Square

Square 12: The Eclectic Square

Square 13: Kinship Square

Square 14: Tapestry Heart

Square 15: Friendship Blanket Square

Square 16: Connection Square

Square 17: Sweet Stripes

Square 18: Sol Square

Square 19: Dolphin Stitch

Square 20: Cross Puff Square 

Square 21: Zamni Square

Square 22: Sun and Stars

Square 23: Lasting Links

Square 24:

Square 25: Synergy

Square 26: Sedge Stitch 

Square 27: Arianrhod Square

Square 28: Harmony Square 

Square 29: Crochet Cluster Stitch

Square 30:  Rialto Square

Square 31: Friendship Star

Square 33: 

Square 34: Integrity Square 

Square 35: Communion Square

Square 36: Malachia Granny Square 

Square 37:  Companion Square

Square 38: Fellowship Square

Square 39: Waffle Stitch Square

Square 40: Circle of Friends Square

Square 41: Brindisi Bobble 

What an incredible list! Make a few squares, or make them all! Don't forget there is still the option to purchase the full bundle right now. You can click this link for the bundle (affiliate link)