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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Stitch Conversion - UK to US crochet terms

Almost 10 years ago I published a crochet stitch conversion chart on my blog! It's one of the trickiest things about crochet for beginners - because sometimes it takes a while to even find out there are two separate 'languages'

Well, I thought it was time for an update! You can save this to your phone, add to pinterest, or print out a copy to keep handy!

I do tend to favour US terms, but some of my patterns are available as both, or with a 'translation' if it's a simple stitch repeat. US terms appear to be more common, but that's only to be expected. (Based on population!)

Just a quick post from me today!

Have a great day crocheting!


Monday, February 27, 2017

Wind Rose Heart - free pattern.

The Wind Rose Heart was part of the 26 Days of Love Blog Hop 

The Wind Rose Heart - keep reading for the free pattern. 

Wind Rose is an old name for the compass points on a map, sometimes called a compass rose. The pattern uses spike stitches, and also back and front post stitches. The wind rose heart keeps anyone travelling afar, close to your heart. You could make a token or a tag from a heart, or a set of coasters or garland if your make many!

Great for stash busting. Only 10g or less of each of the colours is required.  This pattern was first written in 2017 for Valentine’s Day and has been since updated.Written in US terms.

The pattern is available as an ad free Premium PAID PDF to download on Ravelry, Etsy and LoveCrafts. This premium pattern also includes a chart. 



Yarn: Cotton (100% Cotton/ 10 g) in C1, C2, C3 and C4 in a weight 2/ fingering weight yarn.

Hook: 3.5 or 4.0mm

Notions: yarn needle

Size: 13 cm (h)

Skill level: Intermediate



Pattern Notes:

Starting chains count as stitches throughout, but can be replaced with standing stitches if desired.  The main body of the heart is worked in rounds, and the arches are completed separately and worked in rows.

The corners of Round 4 work either side of the spike stitch. 

Stitch Instructions:


Spike Stitch – in this pattern, a spike stitch is a double crochet worked two rows below, in the centre of the magic ring.

Method: YO, insert hook into centre of magic ring, YO and pull up loop to same height as previous dc, YO, pull through 2 loops twice.


Abbreviations  US terminology:

Ch – chain

Sc – single crochet

Dc – double crochet

Tr-   treble crochet

FPhdc – Front post half double crochet

BPtr – Back post treble crochet

Crsp – corner space

Sp/s – space/es

St/s – stitch/es

SP st – Spike Stitch

Sl st – slip stitch.

YO – yarn over

Before we start, here are two photos to help with the tricky spots.

Row 4's corner works either side of the spike stitch of Row 3

Row 5 starts with a slip stitch in the chain space after the corner, then 8 trebles in the next space,then a slip stitch in the next space. To finish the row, sl st across to the corner. 


With C1, make a magic ring.

Round 1:  Ch 3, 2dc, *2 ch, 3 dc, repeat from * twice, 2 ch and sl st into 3rd chain.  (12 dc, 8 ch) Fasten off C1

Round 2: Join C2 into any corner space, ch 3, (2dc, 2ch, 3dc) into same corner space. *(ch 1, 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc) into next corner space; repeat from * twice, ch 1, sl st to 3rd ch. (24 dc, 8 ch) Fasten off C2

Round 3: Join C3 into any crsp, 3ch, (2 dc, ch 1) in same cr-sp, SP st into centre (of magic ring), (ch 1, 3dc) into same cr-sp, *(ch 1, 3 dc) into next ch-1 sp, ** (ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1) in next crsp, SP into centre,  (ch 1, 3 dc) into same crsp; repeat from * 2 twice, ending at ** the second time; ch 1, sl st to 3rd ch. (36 sts, 16 ch) Fasten off C3.

Row 3 Optional: Change the middle dc, of the centre cluster, to an additional SP st. 

Round 4: Join C4 in any ch-1 crsp on the right of SP st, (3ch, 2 dc, ch 3) in same crsp, (3 dc, ch 1) in next ch-1 crsp (left of SP St), (3 dc, ch 1) into next 2 ch sps, *(3 dc, ch 3) in next crsp (3 dc, ch 1) into next crsp, (3 dc, ch 1) into next 2 ch sps, repeat from * twice. (48 sts, 24 ch) Fasten off C4



Row 1: Rejoin C4 with a slst in the ch-1 sp to the left of any corner, 8 tr, in next ch-1 sp, sl st into next ch-1 sp, sl st across the top of the 3 dc, and sl st into cr-sp, turn. (8 tr)

Row 2: WS facing, (BPtr, ch) seven times, BPtr, sl st into next crsp, turn. (8 Bptr) Fasten off C4.

Repeat Arch into next side.


(RS facing) Join any colour (other than C4) in the corner space opposite the arches (base of heart), sc into corner space, sc into each stitch and ch around,

Fasten off and weave in ends


Block if desired.

Thanks for reading

Happy Crocheting