Friday, September 3, 2021

Frog or Finish?

 A colleague of mine told me that in January every year she goes through her project basket and decides if she loves a project enough to finish it, she'll continue working on it, otherwise it'll get frogged and the yarn reused. This means she doesn't have anything too old sitting around or filling up space, and more importantly, gets projects finished! 

For those unsure - 'frog' means to undo. Because we often say 'Rip it out,' and rip it sounds a lot like ribbit.. a frog! Yes, crocheters and knitters often speak another language!

This may sound harsh, especially if you've put a lot of work into something, but I'm a fan of this way of thinking! I'm not sure that I've mentioned it on the blog before, but I also don't like to keep a huge stash of yarn at home either. Of course, I have no problem with those that do! I have found over time, what works for me, and it's just a few tubs of yarn. 

It was very common, just a generation or two ago, for sweaters to be undone and re knitted as children grew out of them when wool was harder to source. 

I've written about knitting from a sock blank, which is almost the same as knitting straight off a finished piece, but if you don't like the kinked texture (it looks like ramen noodles) you can soak and dry the yarn in hanks. The Spruce Crafts has this great tutorial on how to make a hank. 

But, back to your pile of unfinished projects, will you finish them or frog them? Remember there is no right or wrong answer - if you have the space and fully intend to finish everything, then please keep them! If the stack of unfinished projects is starting to overwhelm you, then making the decision to frog, or even donate, can be very refreshing. 

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts


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