Saturday, April 10, 2021

Quadruple Treble and the Six by Six Wrap

 My latest design is here! I've also put together a stitch tutorial for the dominant stitch in the design - the Quadruple Treble -

The new design is called the Six by Six Wrap, and is currently on sale on Ravelry and LoveCrafts, and will also be available on Etsy as soon as possible. 

Six by six a lightweight rectangular wrap, that has a simple, yet effective pattern repeat that reminds me of an open weave. I designed it with gradient yarn in mind but would look beautiful in any special fibre. 

This pattern was originally part of Cosy Rosie UK's Spring Exclusives Bundle. 


And now for the stitch tutorial: 

The Quadruple treble has 5 yarn overs and 6 'pull throughs' and is the same height as 6 chains, for context, the Qdtr falls in line after a Triple Treble (Trtr)

I've put together a little chart for the tall stitches. 

And a video tutorial for the quadruple treble:

make sure the loop is tight on the hook before starting.
yarn over 5 times, use index finger to keep firm tension
hook in next st, pull up loop. index finger keeps the loops secure
yo, pull through 2 loops, 6 times
all together!
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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Extended Stitches - FPedc tutorial


Extended stitches are a way of creating a bit more height to a stitch. I used them in my section of the Unity CAL, and now bringing you a tutorial for the specific stitches I used - which do look a bit daunting, especially when they are written out, because they are also front post stitches, as well as being extended - but the reality is that only one extra step (a chain) is made in the middle of the stitch. 

Like the block? it's the Unity Remix Block 5

Front Post Extended Double Crochet:


yarn over
hook around next post, (from the front) and pull up loop
yarn over, pull through 1 loop only
yarn over, pull though 2 loops, twice
all together!
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Coming Soon to this post - FPedc2tog tutorial 

Joining Rounds in Crochet - alternate method - hdc join

Today I have a tutorial for an alternate way to join a round in crochet. The example I'm using is an afghan block that has 2ch spaces for every corner, but the last corner replaces the 2ch and slip stitch with an hdc

Like the block? It's the Unity Remix Block 5

It works in the same way that a starting chain counts as a stitch, but the opposite, so the stitch counts as a chain! 

This method means you can start the next row in the corner, and if you aren't changing colours each row, it makes (in my opinion at least) a neater start to the row. 

I'm also trying out a new app called Jumprope. It looks like it will be an easier way for me to make tutorials! Jumprope is a new social network that specializes in DIY instructional videos. 

End of the round
hdc worked into starting chain
finish in the corner space
continuing on
hdc join complete!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

6 Patterns for Gradient Yarn - Round Up

In today's round-up, I've collected some pattern ideas for gradient yarns.

What's gradient yarn? They are skeins or cakes that gradually fade from one color to the next, either tonally or into other hues, saving you from weaving in ends! Some brand names you might recognise are Scheepjes 'Whirl', Garnmanufaktur 'Lola', Red Heart 'It;s a Wrap', Konkoki Mokti and Hobbii 'Twirl'. Some colours in the Mandala range are also gradients (check out my review post here) One that I haven't tried myself, but looks really pretty is the Lana Grossa "Twisted Summer Shades' 

6 Patterns that I've picked that suit gradient yarn 

Half Moon Goddess by Betty McKnit

Bonus - Coming Soon: Next month I have a new pattern out! I'm going to leave you with a sneak peek - but if you want to be first to know - then please join my newsletter list by clicking the 'Newsletter' button at the top right of the blog.

This one has been made by one of my testers - Thanks so much Jenny! She has helped me keep you guessing, but still managed to show off the gradient in her styling. 

Once again, thank you for reading

and Happy Crocheting,


Monday, March 15, 2021

Crochet Squares Round Up - plus DK yarn recommendations

 The 'Sol Square' is proving to be very popular, so I thought I would do a round-up of all the squares I currently have on offer. This post does contain affiliate links

Some of these squares match, some don't! Some could be modified slightly to fit with others, by adding or subtracting a row or two. That's the beauty of crochet - make it your own!

The Sol Square has been made in a worsted weight yarn, but all the others are in a DK - which is my go-to yarn. There's no reason the Sol Square can't be made in DK either - it'll just work out a little smaller. I've included a few recommendations with links - which can also be helpful for yarn substitution. If you are Australian, you might think of DK as 8ply. It can also be classified as #3 Light.

Coboo - A cotton bamboo blend that comes in 18 colours, and is beautifully soft and light. 

Mandala Yarn - An Acrylic yarn  that comes in many gradients 

Ice Cream Yarn - a soft Acrylic yarn in 12 colours ideal for baby and kids. Icecream is very similar to Mandala, but the colours repeat throughout. 

Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK - available in 56 shades

Paintbox Simply DK - available in 49 shades

And now for the squares: 

First up - the Sol Square. This one is part of the Friendship CAL and you can find the post here.
Let me know if you've made one already! 

Nebula Square is a bit smaller and simpler - but can be used to create a beautiful effect using variegated yarn - like Lionbrand Ice cream! 

Berirlee Square - Yes, I am a little bit obsessed with squares that start with a circle! 

the 'Big Circle Grannies' were first made to meet a donation request.

Celestial Square work with the Nebula Square, to create a little bit of texture. 

Dahlia Pinnata is a beautiful floral square. 

Good Old Grannies - if you want to go down the classic route. 

Thank you for reading,

Happy Crocheting!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Moss Stitch Pouch - Free Pattern


This pattern has been available as a free download on Ravelry for some time. This year I'm giving some things a refresh, which means bringing some more free patterns to my blog. 

This one is a chunky textured pouch, that can be used to transport your crochet hooks and small projects, or maybe your phone, keys or make-up! Made with a soft cotton rope, it works up in no time at all.  Great for a beginner; written in US terms.

I love working with recycled textiles. For one reason, it's great to use a material that might otherwise go to a landfill - and there is nothing wrong with it! And it also provides a beautiful texture, it's chunky - and makes really quick and unique products. If you can't find the cotton rope yarn a t-shirt yarn or ribbon yarn makes a good substitute. (Shown below in 'ribbon' yarn')

Moss stitch is one of my favourite stitches - it works up fast, looks great, and only uses chains and single crochet (UK double crochet) I've also seen it referred to as linen stitch. You may like to also check the Neverending Story Shawl if you like Moss Stitch! It's a great stitch for beginners and a favourite sitch for established crocheters. 

Finished Measurements:

Width: 19 cm

Height: 10 cm


Yarn: Cotton Rope (Macrame cord) 250 g, 90m  

Yarn alternative: Hoooked Ribbon XL (80% Cotton,20% Other; 72yrds/125g) 0.5 x ball used.

Hook: 12 mm

Notions: cotton thread to sew side seams, sewing needle

To line: 20 x 20 cm of fabric, cotton thread, sewing needle, (sewing machine can be used) optional buttons or fastenings

Gauge: 9 sts and 12 rows = 4" (10cm) in moss stitch

Use leftover yarn to create a tassel or other embellishment

Abbreviations (US terminology):
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sk = skip
sp = space
st(s) = stitch(es)
rep = repeat

Chain 18.

Row 1: Miss 3 ch, *sc, ch, sk st, rep from * finishing with sc in last ch, turn. (8sc)
Row 2:  Ch 2, *sc into ch sp, ch 1, rep from * finishing with sc in final ch sp.
Repeat row 2 for pattern.
Complete 25 rows.
Without cutting yarn, ch 23 and sl st to 1st ch to make wrist strap.

Fold into thirds, lengthwise. Fold end row (wrist strap) in, foundation chain end will fold over top. 
Sew side seams with cotton thread.
Add buttons or fastenings. Foundation chain spaces make perfect buttonholes.
To line:
Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, (RS together) Hem top edges by folding over 0.5 cm to WS, and pin in place, and sew (with either sewing machine, or hand sew)
Pin side seams and sew on WS. Pin lining in place in clutch, and sew in place along the top hem.


Monday, February 22, 2021

Sol Square: the Friendship Blanket CAL

 The Sol Square is part of the 2021 Friendship blanket CAL

This awesome CAL is hosted by Helen from Sunflower Cottage Crochet and is a collaboration of 25 designers, where each designer designed a square (or two) for this blanket.
How does the CAL work?
The CAL began on January 15th and will end on April 18th. A new square will be released every week on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 9 am GMT. Some of the squares will be available for download as a PDF with a coupon code that will be provided, and some will be available as a blog post. (Designer’s choice!)
All squares are made with an Aran/Worsted (#4) weight yarn.

(Ravelry Link)

The Sol square is a combination of many stitches, including puff stitches for texture! I was inspired by the sunflowers of the Sunflower cottage. 

Don’t want to wait?
If you don’t want to wait for each square to be released, or prefer your patterns organized together, you can get a bundle for all 40 squares patterns for only $10 (US) (only 25 cents per pattern)!

Keep reading for the free pattern. I have also provided an ad-free, premium PDF that is available to buy on Ravelry and will be uploaded to Etsy and Love Crochet as soon as possible (post will be updated once that has been completed) This paid version contains a chart. 
For the duration of the CAL, this PDF will be free to download on Ravelry -using the code: Squares
Code is case sensitive, but please get in contact if the code is not working for you. [email protected] 

Abbreviations (US terminology):

ch -           chain
sc –          single crochet
dc –  double crochet
hdc – half double crochet
hdcV –    half double V stitch
ps – puff stitch
sl st - slip stitch
sp/s – space/s
st/s – stitch/es
rep – repeat
( ) – indicate stitches worked in same st or sp
* * and [ ] – indicate section to be repeated
BLO – back loop only

Special Stitches (detailed at the end of the pattern)
corner shell
puff stitch
standing sc (stsc)
standing dc (stdc)
standing hdc (sthdc)
magic ring


Yarn: Any #4 worsted weight. Total used: 30g

Hook: US H (5.0 mm)
Notions: yarn needle
Gauge: 6 rows x 15 sts (dc) = 4 inches
9 inches
Skill level: Adventurous beginner


Pattern notes:

The pattern worked in rounds.
The pattern is written with a standing stitch and colour change at the start of each round. Standing stitches can be replaced with a starting chain, or preferred alternate method. 

Make a magic ring
Round 1: Ch 3 (counts as dc) 11dc, sl st to 3rd ch. (12dc)
Round 2: (stsc, 1ch) in any st, (1sc, 1ch) in each st around, sl st to stsc. (12sc, 12ch)
Round 3: (stsc, 2ch) in any ch-sp, (sc, 2ch) in next sp, and every ch-sp around, slst to stsc. (12sc, 24ch)
Round 4: (sthdc, 1ch, hdc, 1ch) in any ch-sp, (hdcV, 1ch) in next ch-sp, and every sp around, .(12 hdcV, 12ch)

Round 5: Ch 2 (not counted as st) (ps, 3ch) in ch-sp of any hdcV, *sk next ch-sp (ps, 3ch) in next ch-sp, rep from * around (12 ps, 36 ch)
Round 6: (stdc, 3dc, 1ch) in any ch-3 sp, (4dc, 1ch) in next ch-3 sp and every sp around. (48 dc, 12ch)
Round 7: (stdc, dc, 3ch, 2dc, 1ch) in any ch sp, *[(shell, 1ch) in next ch] twice, 1ch, corner shell, 1ch, rep from * twice, [shell, 1ch] twice. (8 shell, 4 corner shell, 12 ch)
Round 8: (stdc, dc) in any ch-3 sp, *BLOdc in each st and ch to next ch-3 sp, (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in ch-3 sp, rep from * twice, *BLOdc in each st and ch to next ch-3 sp, (2dc, 2ch) in ch-3 sp, slst to stdc. (100dc, 8ch)
Round 9: (stdc, dc) in any ch-2 sp, *BLOdc in each st and ch to next ch-2 sp, (2dc, 2ch, 2dc) in ch-2 sp, rep from * twice, *BLOdc in each st and ch to next ch-2 sp, (2dc, 2ch) in ch-2 sp, slst to stdc. (116dc, 8ch)

Special Stitches

hdcV:  (hdc, 1ch, hdc) worked in same sp

Shell: (2dc, 1ch, 2dc) worked in same sp

Corner shell: (2dc, 3ch, 2dc) worked in same sp

Puff stitch: [yo, insert the hook in stitch, yo, pull up loop] 3 times in same st, yo, pull through all 7 loops on hook.

Standing sc (stsc): yo, insert hook in st, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook

Standing dc (stdc): yo twice, insert hook in st, yo, pull up loop, [yo, pull through 2 loops on hook] twice

Standing hdc (sthdc): yo twice, insert hook in st, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 3 loops on hook. 

Stdc tutorial: can be found here.

Magic ring tutorial: can be found here.

I hope you enjoy the square! If you'd like to keep up to date with my designs - sign up for my newsletter

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Happy Crocheting