Monday, February 26, 2018

Competition Time! Win a Pattern.

I'm running a fun competition at the moment, which has been announced on Facebook and Instagram.

Recently I've been paying attention to my free patterns on Ravelry- how many downloads, which ones are popular and so on.

I have a handful of free patterns, some started out as blog posts, others were components, and some I just wanted to have as a taster to my style of writing.

So the competition is to make something from a free pattern, and upload the project to Ravelry, between now and the 10th March 2018. Simple!

You will go in the running to win any paid pattern (of mine) of your choice.

I would love to be tagged to be shown what you are making!

The winner be be decided by myself and announced on Facebook, Instagram and here on the blog. All results are final.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to ask!

Finally the link >> Ravelry Patterns.

Any free pattern is eligible, like the three pictured.

Competition not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or Ravelry.

Winner has been selected! Lee, who has been contacted with the prize.

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