Saturday, November 14, 2020

Stash Busting Blanket Part 4

This Stash busting project has been a slow burn! I started back in March, but as I said last time, it's supposed to be stress free, so I am taking my time. I've added a mustard/gold colour in and I'me really loving it! 


Today I have some extra calculations for you

These calculations are based on DK/8ply yarn

1 block uses  20 g/ 60 m of yarn, 

And measures 15 cm in height, 18 cm in width

So, a blanket of 4 rows of 7 blocks will measure 105 x 72 and make a decent sized baby blanket,
6 rows of 10 blocks will measure 108 x 150 cm and make a great couch throw, 14 rows and 14 blocks will fit an Australian King sized bed - 196 x 252. Of course, with a different sized yarn you'll need to check by making one block and measuring. 

While I'm not quite up to joining, I do know that I will use mattress stitch to join each strip together, but if you prefer to crochet them together you can slip stitch along the seams. I recommend that you pin, or use a stitch marker to line up the colour changes, so the stripes work out. 

With this extra info, will you be making a blanket for yourself?

I hope you do!

Happy Crocheting,


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