Saturday, April 10, 2021

Quadruple Treble and the Six by Six Wrap

 My latest design is here! I've also put together a stitch tutorial for the dominant stitch in the design - the Quadruple Treble -

The new design is called the Six by Six Wrap, and is currently on sale on Ravelry and LoveCrafts, and will also be available on Etsy as soon as possible. 

Six by six a lightweight rectangular wrap, that has a simple, yet effective pattern repeat that reminds me of an open weave. I designed it with gradient yarn in mind but would look beautiful in any special fibre. 

This pattern was originally part of Cosy Rosie UK's Spring Exclusives Bundle. 


And now for the stitch tutorial: 

The Quadruple treble has 5 yarn overs and 6 'pull throughs' and is the same height as 6 chains, for context, the Qdtr falls in line after a Triple Treble (Trtr)

I've put together a little chart for the tall stitches. 

And a video tutorial for the quadruple treble:

make sure the loop is tight on the hook before starting.
yarn over 5 times, use index finger to keep firm tension
hook in next st, pull up loop. index finger keeps the loops secure
yo, pull through 2 loops, 6 times
all together!
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