Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Extended Stitches - FPedc tutorial


Extended stitches are a way of creating a bit more height to a stitch. I used them in my section of the Unity CAL, and now bringing you a tutorial for the specific stitches I used - which do look a bit daunting, especially when they are written out, because they are also front post stitches, as well as being extended - but the reality is that only one extra step (a chain) is made in the middle of the stitch. 

Like the block? it's the Unity Remix Block 5

Front Post Extended Double Crochet:


yarn over
hook around next post, (from the front) and pull up loop
yarn over, pull through 1 loop only
yarn over, pull though 2 loops, twice
all together!
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Coming Soon to this post - FPedc2tog tutorial 

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