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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Extended Stitches - FPedc tutorial


Extended stitches are a way of creating a bit more height to a stitch. I used them in my section of the Unity CAL, and now bringing you a tutorial for the specific stitches I used - which do look a bit daunting, especially when they are written out, because they are also front post stitches, as well as being extended - but the reality is that only one extra step (a chain) is made in the middle of the stitch. 

Like the block? it's the Unity Remix Block 5

Front Post Extended Double Crochet:


yarn over
hook around next post, (from the front) and pull up loop
yarn over, pull through 1 loop only
yarn over, pull though 2 loops, twice
all together!
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Coming Soon to this post - FPedc2tog tutorial 

Joining Rounds in Crochet - alternate method - hdc join

Today I have a tutorial for an alternate way to join a round in crochet. The example I'm using is an afghan block that has 2ch spaces for every corner, but the last corner replaces the 2ch and slip stitch with an hdc

Like the block? It's the Unity Remix Block 5

It works in the same way that a starting chain counts as a stitch, but the opposite, so the stitch counts as a chain! 

This method means you can start the next row in the corner, and if you aren't changing colours each row, it makes (in my opinion at least) a neater start to the row. 

I'm also trying out a new app called Jumprope. It looks like it will be an easier way for me to make tutorials! Jumprope is a new social network that specializes in DIY instructional videos. 

End of the round
hdc worked into starting chain
finish in the corner space
continuing on
hdc join complete!
Check out my other content @EmmaWilkinson on Jumprope.

Happy Crocheting