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Monday, April 26, 2021

Unity Remixes and an Update

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know about the Unity CAL that started in February.

The 2021 Unity CAL was created by 10 Australian designers and was sponsored by the Australian Crochet Community and KoKonki - Motki Ombre.

Here is my blanket, completed to part 4, and below - my finished blanket on display at the Sydney Royal Easter Show - I won the blue ribbon! 

The CAL has now finished but, like Harmony,  the 2019 ACC CAL, there is a Unity Remix & Extension.

Unity CAL remixes can be made by using:

  • The released parts in a different order
  • Blocks of the different parts to make a block afghan
  • Blocks or parts to make different products altogether.

The blocks are now available on Ravelry, as stand-alone patterns, that can be combined in any way you choose- make a simple 3x3 square blanket, or make multiples of the squares like Jane Rawnsley-Kinney did for her test of the patterns, or if there is one square that you just love, why not make a whole blanket of just that! 

This link will take you to Ravelry to view all the patterns in the series.

This link also includes the original CAL sections!

 Need help with the stitches from my block? you can find the tutorial for extended front post stitches here, and a tutorial for the hdc join here. 

As always, Happy Crocheting,


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Crocheters Unite! Unity CAL 2021

 Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce that I am going to be part of a multi-designer crochet a long starting February 2021 -

It's called 'Unity'

UPDATE: Unity has started - it is being run on the Facebook group. I am listening to those who have said they don't use Facebook and taking it onboard. 

10 Australian designers have unified together to create one beautiful blanket.
Sponsored by the Australian Crochet Community and KoKonki - Motki Ombre.

Project Information will be released 1st December 2020, allowing for overseas postage of yarn.
Part 1 File will be released Valentine’s Day 14th February 2021.

The CAL will be run via the Unity Facebook group which you can find here and the pattern will be free! 
You can also find the Ravelry entry here, which includes pictures from the pattern testers - so you can get some inspiration! 

I have been told that the pattern will be released vis the sponsor's website - and I will update this post when I can. 

Here is the version I'm making -

I hope you consider joining in!