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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

One Shawl Nearly Done

Back in August, I posted about two shawls in progress,

Well one is nearly done!

This one is the Cromulent Shawl worked in an Emma Lola (my Lola- I chose the colour way - you can read about it here, in  this blog post!)

I have 2 colour changes left to go - to fade into a darker red.

The good news is that the Emma Lola is restocked at Yarnish - follow this link - but they do go fast! 

The second shawl hasn't has much progress since I wrote about in August, but once I've finished this one, I'm going to dedicate time just for it. 

Thanks for reading, and happy crocheting!


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Fruit Cup Fade

The Fruit Cup Fade is one of my newest kits available at I've been posting about it everywhere except here! 

The pattern was posting in sections, a bit like a CAL, and each of the sections can be found on the Yarnish Blog. A single PDF document as since been created for those who'd like a copy of the pattern to keep for themselves, and thirdly a kit has been made! The blanket fades from one colour to the next, and is worked on the bias as a corner to corner moss stitch blanket. The blanket fits an Australian size single bed, but can be adjusted following standard corner to corner technique. 

The pattern uses Cicibebe yarn, which has a cool fair isle/speckled effect, which worked up like little flowers in small items, but a totally different look with this corner to corner moss stitch! I'm very keen to see some other variations, so please let me know if you do make one for your self, by tagging on Instagram with #fruitcupfade or adding a project on Ravelry.

Thanks for reading, 

Happy Crocheting


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Two Shawls in Progress

As I use Instagram daily, I don't share much of my crochet progress here - but I thought I'd make a bit of a change.

At the moment I'm making two shawls, both are my own patterns, and both are in very different yarn to the original patterns, and both are asymmetrical designs.

The first I'm making is the Cromulent Shawl. The original pattern called for Stonewashed by Scheepjes. I love wearing this shawl, it's comfortable and the grey works with most things I wear. The yarn is a unique cotton and acrylic blend, that looks just like stonewashed jeans!

I'm making a new version from a Lola by Garnmanufaktur. A stranded cotton that is handmade and beautiful - and I picked the colours! As part of my design work for Yarnish, I was asked to pick a colour for the exclusive colour range 'Yarnish and Co' Lolas.

My new cromulent shawl will flow from the green through to the scarlet.

The second shawl I started is the Bracken Scarf. Originally made in Abbey Road cotton, a thick chunky cotton, I'm now using a Frosted Whirl from Scheepjes. I started making something else from the whirl and didn't quite like it. I have cut the first colour from the centre out and started at the end of the solid blue. I'm reserving the cut section for the stripes, and this means once I've finished the cake, and if I feel I need a second, I'll be at the outside for one colour sequence and the inside of the other, and can seamlessly join the next cake! (way to make it super complicated!)

I'll be posting my progress on these two projects here on the blog as I become a little more active here!

In the meantime - as both patterns as my own - I'd like to add a discount for you -

Add both patterns to your cart and only pay for one! This offer will end on the 31st of August (2019) Midnight. (Sydney Aust. Time) No code needed for this one!

To make it even easier - use this link - to place them in your cart. 

Thanks for Reading and Happy Crocheting!


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Easy Beanies for Tricky Yarn

Since we are entering the cold months (here in the Southern hemisphere) it's time to get some warm things made! I have two very easy beanies - that use 'tricky' yarns. They are only tricky as the can be intimidating! Fluffy yarns seem to be saved for knitting, but these two crochet patterns are a fun way to get some things made!

This time last year I published the Strawberry Fields Beanie - which used a fluffy mohair yarn. The yarn was a little challenging, but using moss stitch easily identifies where your hook should go. The easy repeats also mean it works up quicky

Over on the Yarnish Blog - where I am also blogging! I have just published a pattern for the Thistle Beanie. It has a similar construction, and similar challenges - the Softie yarn is also very fluffy, but makes an incredibly soft and comfortable beanie.

Both these beanie patterns are free, are worked flat and seamed, and can be made in a very short amount of time.

Each pattern is linked above - but if you'd like to add a project on Ravelry, or maybe just show some love by adding it to your favourites, the entries are here:

Thistle Beanie

Strawberry Fields Beanie 

I look forward to seeing your beanies!

Happy Crocheting